Setting specific Edges (WIP)

Here is a list of examples of invented setting-specific character Edges. You are free to discuss to invent new ones (or Hindrances).

ISS scientist

Requirements: Novice, d8 in two Knowledge skills, Smarts d8
Effect: +2 rolls whenever using the two knowledge skills. Easier access to scientific facilities of mankind.

You work with the International Space Station research team. You also carry a PDA containing much of humanity’s knowledge, removing the -2 penalty to untrained smarts skills, provided you have ample time to research the PDA.

DTG soldier

Requirements: Novice, Shooting d8, Vigor d6
Effect: Gives a Connections edge with the army. +1 Streetwise and +1 Persuasion rolls when using it (unless using from Earth).

Earth Survivor

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6, Tracking d6, Survival d8
Effect: +2 Tracking, survival and stealth rolls made on Earth.

Maybe you were part of a pocket of men and women who survived for a while on Earth before you were rescued by a platoon. Maybe you have an unsavory past as a raider. While most people on the space stations were evacuated from Earth very quickly after disaster struck, you somehow had to stay for a while longer.

Black market explorer

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8, Notice d6, d6 in two of Fighting, Shooting or Climbing
Effect: +2 to Notice danger on Earth, +2 charisma with patrons trying to obtain things from Earth, especially from SACO

You have been on Earth several times, illegally, to hunt for various things that were wanted on the stations.

Other possibilities…
Moon personnel

Setting specific Edges (WIP)

Between Earth and Moon Rubrum