2041 was still the beginning of the era of men living in space. Orbital stations around Earth were starting to host a significant population. Scientists and engineers were now focusing on the moon, trying to develop this next frontier of human colonization. Then something happened in Little Rock, Arkansas, unleashing horror and death at dizzying speed. Witnesses claim terrifying ghostly beings were the first sources of death and destruction. Since then however, the diversity of horror has increased, and spread all over the world.

And it spread terribly fast, slaughtering everyone. Insanity, horror, looting and escape were the themes of a lost war. Within 5 years, the space stations had become the only safe place to be, and they housed the tattered fragments of humanity. Men and women stationed on the moon were trying to produce basic goods needed to survive in space, but the moon was still far from a decent inhabitable place… And even there, something was amiss and the underground seemed to contain forces unknown.

Now it’s 2059, A select few still visit the earth, and secret temporary outposts do exist. These people are trying to rescue bits and scrap of history, technology and dignity. Their motto: Be on the move, always.

Between Earth and Moon